News and Upcoming

This page lists features and information about updates to the material.

As the course is available until July and we're updating the course material you may encounter updates happening to the parts / the material where you're currently on. I will try my best to inform about any larger updates here - PRs and typo fixes are not here.

For example, if we were to include a new exercise to part 4 on GitOps I will inform the following:

  • the date during which we'll include it into the material as an optional exercise.
  • the date after which the exercise will be mandatory for that part

This will give you plenty of time to either complete and submit the part to avoid extra work or do the exercise as soon as it's created even if it's not mandatory.

While this page also works as a todo list for myself its most important function is to warn you of the changes to material that may affect your course completion!


  • The GitOps section to Part 4 is now available and mandatory since 01.02.2021 (1st of February). If you complete part 4 before that date the part is completed without gitops exercises.
  • Unity parnership and a new certificate! All of the old certificates have been changed to the new one in the API. If you completed the course before the new certificate was released you can fetch the new one from the certificate url.


  • We're having an online webinar with Unity 30th of March! Details in the homepage


  • Nothing planned yet!