This course is an introductory course to Kubernetes with K3s and GKE. In this course, you will develop software with a microservice architecture that utilizes Kubernetes to serve software that scales and deploys automatically. And learn how to manage it all.

This course can not be completed with the faculty computers. Attendees need to provide their own computers with admin / superuser priviledges.

Course details and starting instructions can be found in part 0.

Registration is only required for ECTS credits. The certificate does not require registration or separate sign up. For ECTS credits (Finnish / Open University students) the registration is after you've completed part 2 and there will be a link at the end of the part.

You should also read the courses.helsinki.fi page. This page also includes information about target group, enrolment instructions, recommended reading and most importantly deadlines.


If you're a DEFA-student attempting this course during your first year of CS. After discussion within the faculty, we recommend you do not rely on this course as your only option to fulfil the credit requirement!

This course may be challenging as it expects that you

If you are joining and are not confident, contact me at jami.kousa@helsinki.fi.