Is this course for me?

As this course was written by a developer it offers an introduction into Kubernetes with the eyes of a developer. This course does not go into Kubernetes administration and there are other resources such as Kubernetes the hard way which offer a deep dive into how everything works, but course may work as a starting point.


At this point in time I have not completed the CKAD (or CKA) certificates, that some attendees asked me about, and as such I do not know how different the contents of this course are. But by looking at the v1.18 curriculum and comparing it to the contents of this course I’ll deduce that while most of the contents are covered by this course there are still some subjects that this course does not cover.

There’s a certificate for this course as well. But this certificate (or this course) does not have anything to do with CKAD or CKA.

Please identify the certificate if you wish to talk or ask about non-DwK certificates in the course telegram chat.

In writing this course I first and foremost used the Kubernetes documentation. They have excellent tutorials: As the documentation can get only so far, if I had difficulties grasping a concept I used the Kubernetes in Action book as well as various Google searches.

You can get Kubernetes Up and Running for free from Microsoft or from VMWare.

I personally have a hobby cluster in Hetzner that I setup with kubespray that is running multiple videogame servers and a few other things at the moment.

How to get the DwK certificate?

TODO. Submission application will have the certificate for you.