Part 3


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When deploying running software in a maintained Kubernetes service it really does get that easy. Vendor lock-in is a term commonly heard when talking about the cloud. In this section, we dived into GKE and the services Google offered us. As we saw here we could migrate almost everything to Google Cloud with Cloud SQL and monitoring as the prime examples.

There's a case for and against vendor lock-in and you should evaluate whether to use a single cloud or possibly a multi-cloud strategy based on your needs. Nothing is preventing you from cherry-picking "the best" services from each provider. Often vendor lock-in doesn't show any negatives until after you're locked-in.

In the next section lets look into other practices that are included in an ecosystem like this and develop the project into its final form. We'll say goodbye to GKE but if you have any leftover credits you may want to hold onto them until the end of the course. Part 4

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