Registration and Completion


The next course iteration will start in the 2nd half of the year 2024 Certs and credits will only be available when the course starts.

For the certificate, mark the course as finished in the submission software. The certificate link will appear in the submission software.

Completing the course for credits

To have access to a University of Helsinki email address. Enroll yourself to the course through the Open University. The link will be available when the course starts.

To get the Google Cloud Credits, please do the following after completing part 1:

  • Request Google Cloud Platform Education Grant from the teacher. Send an email to the teacher of the course ( from your email address. Title your email: Google Cloud Coupon. The reply will include link to redeem the Student Coupon. University Email Outlook Web App

Please note:

  • Credits for the course are only available to those students who have successfully enrolled in the course through the Open University and have completed the course according to the instructions.