How to report an issue in the material

You can report a mistake you found to the issue board of the course's Github-project. Github is a service where projects, software and source code can be managed and shared to others.

Reporting an issue requires a Github account. If you don't have an account yet, you can create it here

Before you open a new issue, please check here for an already opened issue regarding the mistake you found.

How to compose the issue

  1. Press the button above.
  2. Write a short and sweet title to the issue, for example "A typo in Part 1 in the description of exercise 30".
  3. Write a more detailed description of the issue in the comment section, for example "In Part 1 exercise 30, the sample output contains a typo. The previous code includes a line System.out.println("Enter a number");, but the sample output has the text "Exit a number"".
  4. Finally, press the green button "Submit new issue".

We might ask some clarifying questions if we are unable to fix the issue without your help. Github should send an email notification regarding these questions to the email address linked to your Github account.

Thank you for helping us improve our materials!